An exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts. Enables filtering, sorting, and dynamic layouts.
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An exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts. Enables filtering, sorting, and dynamic layouts.

This package has all the documentation and demos to get you started.

View this project live at


Commercial use requires purchase of one-time license fee per developer seat. Commercial use includes any application that makes you money. This includes portfolio sites and premium templates. Commercial licenses may be purchased at

Use in non-commercial and personal applications is free.

Viewing this project locally

Via download

You can download a zip of all the flat HTML files from

Via Jekyll

The documentation and demo pages are generated using Jekyll. With Jekyll installed, you can clone this repo and run Jekyll from Terminal:

git clone
cd isotope/
jekyll --server --auto

Then view the live site at http://localhost:4000.

Including Isotope as a submodule

The module branch has just jquery.isotope.js and jquery.isotope.min.js, perfect for adding to your repo as a submodule.

git submodule add
cd isotope/
git checkout module
git pull origin module
cd ../
git submodule update --init

Then you can reference isotope/jquery.isotope.min.js within your own project.

To pull in the lastest version of the isotope submodule:

cd isotope/
git pull origin module


View the commit history for a complete robust list of changes to the script.

  • v1.5 2011-10-19
    • add proper callback support that trigger after animation/transition
  • v1.4 2011-06-29
    • shuffle method added
    • inserting and appending positions items then reveals them
  • v1.3 2011-05-23
    • refactor layout mode API
    • layoutModeResize -> layoutModeResizeChanged, which returns boolean
  • v1.2 2011-05-13
    • add updateOption method, for changing options after initialization
  • v1.1 2011-04-26
    • incremental additions, bug fixes, and refactorings
  • v1.0 2011-02-07
    • public release

Copyright (c) 2011-2012 David DeSandro / Metafizzy LLC