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European Budget Scraper and OpenSpending Mapping

CAVEAT: The scripts in this repository are subject to quality constraints:

  • Loss of precision due to screen-scraping of the data from relatively unstructured sources. The scraper is known to not extract all available information and some of the handling of scraped items is questionable.
  • Lack of understanding of the EU budgeting process and document on the part of the author, combined with the relative complexity of the document.

Basic structure

The EU budget has the following levels:

  • Volume (Commission, Parliament and "small stuff")
  • Title
  • Chapter
  • Article
  • Item
  • Sub-Item

Each level is identified with a two-digit (or 'XX') identifier, yielding IDs of the form: Volume 4,

The breakdown at the item and sub-item levels is not made in each part of the budget.

Additonally, some items and sub-items are broken down on a per-country basis. This is mostly true for the EU's revenue, i.e. Own Resources.

Running it

All scripts require a valid webstore config to interact with. To learn about webstore, visit

Run "" to extract the basic budget:


Then, use on each of do some cleansing. To import into OpenSpending, the following command line is needed:

paster --plugin=openspending csvimport -c $CONFIG --model=file:model.js http://...


Any copyrights - if present - are to be treated under the terms of the Open Data Commons ODbL (Share-Alike for Databases).


Scraper and ETL tools for the Eurpean Union Budget



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