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@@ -34,11 +34,17 @@ basis. This is mostly true for the EU's revenue, i.e. Own Resources.
Running it
-Run "" to get basic CSV files. Then, use on each of
-them to do some cleansing. To import into OpenSpending, the following
-command line is needed:
+All scripts require a valid webstore config to interact with. To learn about
+webstore, visit
-paster --plugin=wdmmg csvimport -c $CONFIG --model=file:model.js eu-2010.csv.cleaned
+Run "" to extract the basic budget::
+ python
+Then, use on each of do some cleansing. To import into OpenSpending,
+the following command line is needed::
+ paster --plugin=openspending csvimport -c $CONFIG --model=file:model.js http://...

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