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Grano ElasticSearch Support

grano is a toolkit for building journalistic social network analysis applications on the web. This package contains full-text search support based on ElasticSearch.


grano-elasticsearch requires that you have installed and configured grano. Please refer to grano's documentation for further instructions. Afterwards, install the grano-elasticsearch package (from PyPI or source) into the same virtual environment. You will also need to install and configure ElasticSearch.

To enable this plugin, add the entry ui to the PLUGINS variable in your grano settings file. If you have no other plugins installed, try this:

`python PLUGINS = ['es_boot', 'es_entity_indexer', 'es_project_indexer'] `


This plugin provides the following public API to expose full-text search:

GET /api/1/entities/_search

Full-text search API for entitues. Given a query, the API will return a set of ElasticSearch results (i.e. not complete entity serializations). Standard :ref:`pager` arguments are available.

  • q the term to be searched.
  • filter-<name> filter field <name> for the given value.
  • facet add the value of the argument as a facet field. This argument can be supplied multiple times to have more than one facet.
  • facet-size can be used to specify the number of results to be returned for each facet.

Management commands

In order to manage the index, the plugin exposes a set of management commands. Some examples:

# re-index all projects:
$ grano es_index

# re-index a specific project (by slug):
$ grano es_index -p my_project

# delete all data in the index:
$ grano es_delete

# delete all data in a specific project:
$ grano es_delete -p my_project


When enabled, grano-elasticsearch will deploy itself and add its endpoint to the grano API. To specify the name of the ElasticSearch index, you can set the ES_INDEX setting in your grano configuration file. If no index name is specified, the application's name (APP_NAME) will be used.


ElasticSearch-based full-text indexing support for grano.




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