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Python 3 Support #32

thinxer opened this Issue Nov 12, 2013 · 6 comments

6 participants

thinxer commented Nov 12, 2013

SQLAlchemy already supports Python 3.
Also please update the PyPI description for not supporting python 3+.

ode79 commented Nov 16, 2013


I would love to be able to use dataset on Python 3.

vh54 commented Nov 23, 2013


pudo commented Nov 26, 2013

Is there anyone who would want to give this a stab? I've never tried Python 3...

jwkvam commented Dec 1, 2013

SQLAlchemy may support 3 but it seems like the migrate package doesn't. I imagine that would need to be resolved first.

jbaiter commented Dec 17, 2013

What is sqlalchemy-migrate used for anyhow? The only reference to it that I can find to it is a call to construct_engine here. I tried commenting it out and setting self.engine directly from the engine created by SQLAlchemy and the tests all ran fine.

Nevermind. The reason the tests weren't failing was that due to a wrong URL, the testing database was persisted as :memory: to the project root and thus valid across all tests. I'll submit a Pull Request later tonight.

pudo commented Dec 18, 2013

@jbaiter @TeeBSD @jwkvam @vh54 @ode79 - do any of you have time to check the pull request in #58 re Python 3 compat? Many thanks!

@pudo pudo closed this in #58 Jan 5, 2014
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