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0.6.0 [ In Development ] [ Branch: master ]

New features


New features

  • Added abulity to cancel puffer_page rendering with render puffer_page: false option.

  • Added pluralization support to liquid backend (Exoth).

  • Added image liquid tag - alias to image_path helper (andrewgr).



New features

  • PufferPages is mountable engine now, so mount PufferPages::Engine => '/'

  • scope tag. Just creates variables scope inside its block.

  • Origins - full import-export system. Just add your remote server and syncronize all the pages.

  • PagePart handlers - now page part can be a hash.

  • First rspec matcher - render_page.

  • title, description, and keywords fields are remove, use page_parts.

  • Move from usual ids to uuids with activeuuid gem.

  • Templates localization with globalize3 gem.

  • locales to store page locales + I18n backend. Locales are inheritable.

  • t or translate tag. Works similar to t ActionView helper. Translation keys started with . (i.e {% t '.hello' %}) are scoped. For layouts it will be layouts.layout_name.hello, for snippets - snippets.snippet_name.hello and for pages - but for pages it looks for default values:

    • puffer_pages.full.page_parts.page_part_name.hello
    • puffer_pages.full.hello
    • puffer_pages.page_parts.page_part_name.hello
    • puffer_pages.hello
  • config.puffer_pages.raise_errors = true in any environment config file makes liquid templates errors raisable.

  • render tag. Acts same as rails <%= render %>

  • url and path tags

  • array tag:

      {% array arr = 'one', 2, variable %}

    will create array named arr with 3 items = ['one', 2, 'variable_content']

  • javascript_tag helper.

      {% javascript %}
        var i = '';
      {% endjavascript %}
  • {% csrf_meta_tags %} helper tag.

  • The new puffer_pages method for controller

      class SomeController < ActionController::Base
        # takes `:only`, `:except` and `:scope` options
        puffer_pages :only => :index
        def index

    :scope option is a symbol - method name, or proc. :scope adds a scope to Page query, which might be useful for i.e. subdomains or locale scoping since Page model can have more than one root page.

  • The only way to declare puffer_page rendering render puffer_page: PufferPages::Page.first or render puffer_page: 'some/path'.

  • Current controller now available from context.registers[:controller] It is useful for using url helpers in drops.

  • Added super tag, which acts inside page parts and renders content of parent page part like include.

  • Added new tags snippet and layout. They acts like a short-cuts to include. I.e. {% snippet 'hello' %} is the same is {% include 'snippets/hello' %}. Both tags supports additional parameters as include

  • Removed root page object from context.

  • All template assigns are joined to context registers, so can be used from drops.

  • All controller instance variable assigns will be transferret to liquid as drops if they are respond to to_liquid

      def index
        @answer = 42
        render puffer_page: 'hello/world'

    If hello/world page body: {{count}} This action will produce 42

  • Ability to use render method to specify rendered page

      def index
        render puffer_page: 'hello/world'

    This example will render page with 'hello/world' location.


New features

  • Updated codemirror to 2.2 version.

  • Custom component renamed to Codemirror component.

  • Added buttons panel to Codemirror editor.

  • Added fullscreen feature to Codemirror.

  • Added Liquid overlay to Codemirror.

  • Rails 3.2 compatible.

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