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There are many ways you can contribute to Puffin project, I hope that everyone will find something for themselves.

Discussion and Contact

If you would like to discuss any subject related to Puffin please create an issue on GitHub.

If you'd like to contact us directly, please send an email to


If you find an bug in Puffin, or would like to propose an enhancement, please report it via GitHub Issues.

Adding new applications to the catalog

You are very welcome to submit your own or your favourite application to the Puffin catalog. See apps for more details.


For core project organisation we use Trello. If you'd like to contribute code, feel free to open a Github Issue and send us a pull request.

Running your own Puffin

You can run your own Puffin for yourself and your friends.

First you need to do is to is to install Docker on your server - the easiest way to achieve that is via Docker Machine. Next you need to run Puffin Production Deployment.

If you run into any trouble, please feel free to create an issue on GitHub.

Keep in mind the software is in early alpha development stage, so for the moment it should be used for experimentation only.


If you'd like to donate money to Puffin to help us maintain our infrastructure and fund the development, click on the below button: