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This is the F# compiler and core library for Mono, based on the F# Powerpack code drop
under the OSS approved Apache 2.0 license.

The build follows the cli\2.0 and cli\4.0 configuration on the original *.fsproj files included in
the F# Powerpack code drop, in terms of flags and defines.

To bootstrap the compiler, binaries built on VS2010 are used, as the official binaries
fail to build due to a possible tail call bug on Mono.

This build is based on F# Powerpack r54075

======= REQUIREMENTS =======

Requires mono trunk, after September 23 - this is due to missing IStructuralComparable.CompareTo
implementations, which F# requires and which were commited on 2010-09-23 on commit a57254256

Requires bootstrapping libraries, tools and f# compiler. The lib/bootstrap/X.0 directories contain
mono-built libraries, compiler and tools that can be used to bootstrap a build. You can also supply
your own via the --with-bootstrap option.

======= BUILDING =======

To build, run autoreconf to generate a configure script, then run configure and make in
the usual way.

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