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Ray - Roy on Play 2.0


Ray is a Roy 'compiled asset plugin' for Play 2.0 - it is similar to the built-in CoffeeScript compiler. Roy files placed under app/assets/javascripts will be requestable as if they were plain JavaScript files.

For example, Roy code in app/assets/javascripts/main.roy will be automatically compiled to JavaScript when requested via public/javascripts/main.js:

Compile time errors (such as static type errors) will cause a nice Play error page:


First you must publish the plugin to your Play 2.0 repository. You will have to specify your top level play directory and the version:

sbt -Dplay.path=../play-2.0-RC3 -Dplay.version=2.0-RC3 publish

Then add the plugin to your application's project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("org.brianmckenna" % "ray" % "0.1")

Now you can add an import to your application's project/Build.scala:

import org.brianmckenna.ray.RoyBuild

And extend your Build with the RoyBuild trait:

object ApplicationBuild extends Build with RoyBuild

Finally add the following lines to the settings call:

royEntryPoints <<= (sourceDirectory in Compile)(base => base / "assets" ** "*.roy"),

royOptions := Seq.empty[String],

resourceGenerators in Compile <+= RoyCompiler