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Merge grammar.js and typegrammar.js? #130

alsonkemp opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I was looking at fixing "Ambiguous syntax for functions, constructors" (#129) and have been reviewing grammar.js. I see that some of the grammar is broken out into typegrammar.js. Why? Would it be okay to merge them? I don't see typegrammar.js being used anywhere but in grammar.js.

It's a bit confusing to have to jump back and forth when reviewing the type system, so it'd be lovely to unify the two files.


... so ...

I'm merging the two over in my fork. Assuming that it doesn't go pear-shaped, I'll let you know when something interesting happens.

I'm also significantly restructuring grammar.js so that it's easier to understand.



The reason I split the two is because I need to generate a separate parser module for parsing module descripters (the .roym files).

No need for the grammar to live in separate files but sadly it seems like we need two parsers.


Smashing. I'll try to get my updated lexer/grammar working in the next few days and will commit it for your review.

Note: I'm re-structuring/rearranging both. In particular, I'm going to move lexing towards being grammar unaware since the lexer is fairly tightly coupled (e.g. identifierToken). I like Haskell's definitions for both lexing and for grammar (, so am pushing in that direction.

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