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-??/??/???? - 1.24.0
+14/06/2011 - 1.24.0
New icon on OS X
Added Bulgarian and Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to jordito and gelo)
Updated Polish, French, German and Portuguese translation
+ tsMuxeR handles mov files
+ Updated FFmpeg to r30172 from r28671
+ Updated JRE auto-dl
+ Forcing MEncoder via the TRANSCODE folder ignores tsMuxeR
+ Fixed support for renderers including Panasonic TVs
+ Improved RAR support
+ Updated libraries for OS X build
+ Lots of fixes to the OS X build process so now it works
+ Support for multi-language VOBsub subtitles
+ It's possible to remove hard drives from list if they are no longer connected (thanks, spots)
26/05/2011 - 1.23.0
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