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Merge pull request #900 from rads/patch-1

Fix example Makefile
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2 parents eefe2b9 + 5e17674 commit 9a2c11310e776df97195ba6d1eaaad4cd23a15c9 @tj tj committed
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@@ -1208,7 +1208,7 @@ function anonymous(locals) {
_Note:_ If you try to run this snippet and `make` throws a `missing separator` error, you should make sure all indented lines use a tab for indentation instead of spaces. (For whatever reason, GitHub renders this code snippet with 4-space indentation although the actual README file uses tabs in this snippet.)
-JADE = $(shell find -wholename './pages/*.jade')
+JADE = $(shell find . -wholename './pages/*.jade')
HTML = $(JADE:.jade=.html)
all: $(HTML)

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