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Added some failing attr tests

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1 parent 690350e commit 6e00dc46df9ac8ff53ff1d3bdabdac7c6a8b94f7 @tj tj committed Oct 19, 2010
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@@ -476,6 +476,11 @@ module.exports = {
assert.equal('<div style="color: white"></div>', render("div(style='color: white')"), 'Test attrs that contain attr separators');
assert.equal('<p class="foo"></p>', render("p('class'='foo')"), 'Test keys with single quotes');
assert.equal('<p class="foo"></p>', render("p(\"class\": 'foo')"), 'Test keys with double quotes');
+ assert.equal('<p data-dynamic="true"></p>', render('p("data-dynamic": "true")'));
+ assert.equal('<p class="name" data-dynamic="true"></p>', render('p("class": "name", "data-dynamic": "true")'));
+ assert.equal('<p data-dynamic="true"></p>', render('p(\'data-dynamic\': "true")'));
+ assert.equal('<p class="name" data-dynamic="true"></p>', render('p(\'class\': "name", \'data-dynamic\': "true")'));
'test code attrs': function(assert){

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