Block expansion with implicit div breaks #498

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yuchi commented Feb 10, 2012
ul: li: .container Hi guys
article: #unique I love Jade
section: #superior.fantastic Woooh!


<ul><li><container>Hi guys</container></li></ul>
<article><unique>I love Jade</unique></article>
<section><superior class="fantastic">Woooh!</superior></section>

instead of

<ul><li><div class="container">Hi guys</div></li></ul>
<article><div id="unique">I love Jade</div></article>
<section><div id="superior" class="fantastic">Woooh!</div></section>

Looks like a too hungry regexp to me.

tj commented Feb 10, 2012

ah interesting i'll take a look and add a test-case


its fine here

ul: li: section.container Hi guys
article: section#unique I love Jade
section: section#superior.fantastic :)!


<ul><li><section class="container">Hi guys</section></li></ul>
<article><section id="unique">I love Jade</section></article>
<section><section id="superior" class="fantastic">:)!</section></section>

Which version u using?

yuchi commented Feb 10, 2012

d'oh... jade --version yields 0.19.0...

@yuchi yuchi closed this Feb 10, 2012
@yuchi yuchi reopened this Feb 10, 2012
yuchi commented Feb 10, 2012

It happens anyway with Jade 0.20.1. I'm working with the CLI

@tj tj closed this in 4f09933 Feb 17, 2012
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