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Pixel Blogger Template

This is a completely free, open source and customizable Blogger template (based on blogsport) for news and magazine style website in any niche. This template is free for commercial and private use but comes with no support. Demo for Pixel template is available here or by clicking of a larger demo button bellow. Whichever you find first.

Pixel is a highly customizable Blogger template that is popular among bloggers due to its simplicity, ease of use, and clean design. The template is created by the designer Colorlib and is available for free download here on Github.

The Pixel template is well-suited for bloggers who want to showcase their content in a clean and professional manner. The template's minimalistic design and white background allow the content to take center stage, making it easy for readers to navigate and engage with the site.

One of the best features of the Pixel template is its customizability. Bloggers can easily change the color scheme, font styles, and other design elements to match their branding and personal preferences. The template also includes several built-in features such as social media icons, drop-down menus, and responsive design, making it suitable for bloggers of all skill levels.

In addition to its user-friendly design, Pixel is also highly optimized for search engines. The template is built using the latest HTML and CSS coding techniques, ensuring that your blog loads quickly and is easily crawled by search engines like Google. This can help boost your blog's visibility in search engine results pages and attract more organic traffic to your site.

Despite being a free template, Pixel offers several features that are typically found only in premium templates. The template includes support for AdSense and other advertising networks, making it easy for bloggers to monetize their site. It also includes a related post widget, allowing readers to easily discover more content on your site and stay engaged.

In summary, the Pixel template is a highly customizable and easy-to-use template that is perfect for bloggers who want to create a professional-looking website. With its clean design, built-in features, and optimized code, Pixel is a top choice for bloggers looking to enhance their online presence.

-> [Demo] & [Documentation]

Pixel template preview

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