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GitHub action to build a Hugo site and deploy it to Firebase Hosting
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GitHub Action - Hugo and Firebase

This GitHub action build a Hugo site, and uploads it to Firebase Hosting

  • Hugo is a popular static-site generator, that allows you to create a template-based site, and your content is written in Markdown
  • Firebase hosting is a cheap option to host your static sites (it has nice things, as a CDN and free HTTPs certs). It's not even needed, you can get the same with GitHub Pages

It needs a Firebase token. You can obtain it installing firebase-tools and doing firebase login-ci.

As the Firebase token is sensitive info, you must save it in a GitHub secret

A simple workload using this action would be something like:

on: [push]
name: Publish blog
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@v1
        submodules: true
    - uses: pulimento/github-action-hugo-deploy-to-firebase@master
        firebase-token: ${{ secrets.secret_firebase_token }}
        alias: ${{ some_alias }} // OPTIONAL

Happy hacking!

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