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+What Is Image Editor?
+Image Editor is a fluid infusion component that allows basic image editing functions like
+cropping, resize and tagging on images. It is currently in the very early stages of development
+and is being carried out as a Google Summer of Code Project for the fluid project. There is a
+known list of bugs which I will be looking into shortly.
+How Do I Get Image Editor?
+You can download a source code release from Github:
+Can I see Image Editor in Action?
+You can see the current Image Editor in action by deploying it using a local server. Just
+get the fluid infusion source from and add
+ImageEditor as a component to the infusion/src/webapp/components/ directory. Additionally,
+Image Editor also depends on TaggerUI and CropperUI. You will have to get the components from
+ and and put them
+in the components directory.
+After deploying fluid on local server, you can access the demo by opening ImageEditor/html/
+ImageEditorDemo.html in the browser (preferably, Chrome and Firefox).
+Where Can I See Other Infusion Components?
+We have a convenient, one-stop-shop for seeing all our components in action:

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