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In plaintext messages: we can use the color directly
In xhtml messages:
- Change the base css to color a elements with "linktext" instead of an
  hardcoded color. This is the color name defined in css4 system colors
  for links.
- Extend the function to handle custom CSS colors (it was already used
  for Biboumi's non-existing "lightmagenta") to handle "linktext" as
  well. Prepare it to handle more colors if we ever need to.

Based on a patch by Nephele but reworked to fix access to an already
released data structure (color array allocated in the stack in the class

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An instant messaging client for Haiku, connecting to the XMPP network.



Renga is still a quite simple and limited client, a lot of the features you'd expect from an instant messaging client (typing notifications, browsing and searching old messages, ...) are currently missing. We're adding them one at a time.

XMPP technical details

This client implements core compliance, core client features. However it does not implement much of the IM compliance, yet. See issue #47 for a more detailed tracking. Oh, and we have a doap.xml, too!

Join us!

We have an XMPP chat room (of course) at

Come and say hi!