set_lables goes in reverse order #9

vanboom opened this Issue Jun 12, 2010 · 2 comments

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I am creating a horizontal bar graph and setting the values - here is my pseudocode
labels << lable corresponding to value v
end loop

After all the values are built, I want to set custom labels for the Y axis.
y.set_labels( labels )

The labels show up in reverse order to the values I set. So I have to set labels like this...
y.set_labels( labels.reverse )

Possibly this is a bug?


Maybe ...
1) What SWF are you using?
2) What is the JSON output?
3) In terms of the horizontal bar graph, what do you mean by reverse? Starting at the top and going to the bottom or starting at the bottom and going to the top?


I experienced the same problem.
when you move the mouse for the tooltips they acrivate as if the bars are vertical, not horizontal.
it seems that it does not reverse the axis for the tooltips.
I used personalised tooltips for values:

hbar_value =, max_int_year)
hbar_value.tooltip = #c is a personal array

Thanks for suggestions

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