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This folder is just a placeholder. The verilog model of the Spansion S25FS256S flash is proprietary code of CypressSemiconductor Corporation, which can currently be downloaded from here:

Once the package has been downloaded, the following steps are necessary to integrate the model in the platform:

  1. unzip it (it might be necessary to rename it first)
  2. execute S25fs256s.exe (it is a Windows executable, but it can be run on Linux by using Wine)
  3. accept the EULA license agreement
  4. move the newly created S25fs256s directory in this directory
  5. uncomment the S25fs256s section in the rtl/vip/src_files.yml file
  6. modify rtl/tb/ so that the parameter USE_S25FS256S_MODEL is 1
  7. regenerate scripts with generate-scripts and rebuild the simulation platform

When the SPI flash is active, it is possible to use it for a more realistic boot simulation, where the PULP chip boots from ROM and then fetches its own program from the flash drive. See the main for details.

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