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Repository for Pulp platform code, including the server and base admin and consumer clients
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Latest commit 61a6029 @jeremycline jeremycline Merge pull request #2402 from jeremycline/remove-lazy-on-setting
Remove the `enabled` setting for lazy.
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agent Bumping version to 2.8.0-0.5.beta
bindings Merge pull request #2259 from asmacdo/fields-me
client_admin Bumping version to 2.8.0-0.5.beta
client_consumer Bumping version to 2.8.0-0.5.beta
client_lib Bumping version to 2.8.0-0.5.beta
common Bumping version to 2.8.0-0.5.beta
deps Merge branch '2.7-dev'
devel Merge pull request #2274 from seandst/kindler-gentler-serverconf-admo…
docs Re-order the sequence diagram description
nodes Bumping version to 2.8.0-0.5.beta
oid_validation Mark the oid_validation as executable.
playpen Add tree to the core role.
rel-eng Merge branch '2.7-dev'
repoauth Bumping version to 2.8.0-0.5.beta
server Remove the `enabled` setting for lazy.
streamer Merge pull request #2379 from jeremycline/el-twisted-deps
.gitignore ignore pyo files in addition to pyc
.travis.yml Travis now runs flake8 on pull requests
AUTHORS Updating authors file
COPYRIGHT Move publish step generic processing from pulp_rpm to platform.
README 721314 - including the README and LICENSE files in all platform packa…
Vagrantfile.example Ansible debug tasks for dev role, disable cachier
comps.xml Adds docker to the various package groups
dist_list.txt Adds fc23 to dist_list.txt config and removes fc21.
flake8.cfg Add unit querying & association support required for plugin conversio… Rearranged the repository such that all python code is in an appropri… Merge branch 'datadir_instead_of_srv'
pulp.spec Launch the streamer with its own script in /usr/bin/ Fix 'Unknown OpenSSL error' unit test failure on F23. Merge pulp-nodes.spec into pulp.spec
test_requirements.txt Pin the version of Mock that we use.
tito.props Rearranged the repository such that all python code is in an appropri…


Pulp is a platform for managing repositories of content, such as software
packages, and pushing that content out to large numbers of consumers.

For more information, check out the project website:
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