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pulp_rpm Plugin

Pulp CI

This is the pulp_rpm Plugin for Pulp Project 3.0+. This plugin provides support for RPM family content types, similar to the pulp_rpm plugin for Pulp 2.

For more information, please see the documentation or the Pulp project page.

How to File an Issue

New pulp_rpm issue.


Is this security related? If so, please follow the Security Disclosures procedure.

Please set only the fields in this table. See Redmine Fields for more detailed descriptions of all the fields and how they are used.

Field Instructions
Tracker For a bug, select Issue, for a feature-request, choose Story, for a backport request, choose Backport.
Subject Strive to be specific and concise.
Description This is the most important part! Please see Description Field.
Version The version of pulp_rpm that you discovered the issue.
OS Please select your operating system.
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