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zulus commented Feb 2, 2013

I have proposition to use ./app_name/console container:debug instead of full service.* parser (added in Symfony 2.1).

It will much more faster (and more powerfull) than scan all files.

Another option is create parser per bundle (app -> find app kernel -> resolver bundle ) for priorites and bundles dependecy, and next start parsing from app_name/config/routing.yml etc...

I can do it ;)

pulse00 commented Feb 4, 2013

@zulus thanks for the suggestion. I've already created a pull request in symfony symfony/symfony#5740 to make parsing of the output easier.

I am planning to rewrite the whole service/routing parsing from scratch. I've also got some input from @schmittjoh to parse the services and routes directly from the dumped and cached servicecontainer in cache/*/*debugProjectContainer.php.

The disadvantage from using the container:debug task is that we would need to rely on a working php executable setup, which i'd try to avoid.

Parsing the dumped container would be pretty easy to do. Unfortunately i'm busy with a large project atm, but your proposal is definitely on my roadmap.

If you have time to look at it, i'd be happy to merge your PR!

zulus commented Feb 14, 2013

cache/_/_debugProjectContainer.php sounds much better
I'm closing this ;)

@zulus zulus closed this Feb 14, 2013
@pulse00 pulse00 reopened this Feb 24, 2013
pulse00 commented Feb 24, 2013

@zulus @schmittjoh i've refactored the service parser to use the dumped .xml inside the cache/dev folder: 9a36c9f

Any suggestions on how i should choose the enviromnent to parse? Should this be configurable, or will it confuse people?

zulus commented Feb 26, 2013

Hmmm, can you parse all enviroments and put env info in service list grid?
+and/or allow user to add and select/deselect enviroment?

pulse00 commented May 6, 2013

@zulus implemented in 1.0.94. The dumped container can be selected in the project preferences page and defaults to app/dev/app**DebugContainer.xml

@pulse00 pulse00 closed this May 6, 2013
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