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zulus commented Feb 10, 2012

If you have entity in "bundlenamespace/Entity" namespace everything works fine. But if you have entity in subnamespace:

namespace MyBundle\Entity\Company

class User { ... }

plugin not see it (should be myBundle:Company\\User)

@pulse00 pulse00 added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 10, 2012
@pulse00 refs #85 7c4f191
mhlavac commented Apr 7, 2012

I am not sure if this issue is fixed only for doctrine entities, but the same issue applies to views.

For example this path: MyBundle:User/Settings:info.html.twig.

pulse00 commented Apr 7, 2012

the viewpath issue needs some refactoring, as i'm currently resolving the second part of the viewpath via the controllers available in the project

@pulse00 pulse00 added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 8, 2012
@pulse00 refs #85 1c1f43d
pulse00 commented Apr 8, 2012

@mhlavac the viewpath thing should be solved in 1.0.67

mhlavac commented Apr 8, 2012

It helped with autocompleting file, but not with the namespaces.

When i enter TestBundle: and press autocompletation i am not given any option, but after i enter TestBundle:Test/Test: i get autocomplete for specific views.

If viewpaths are resolved from controllers as you said that might be the issue as i have no controller TestBundle\Test\TestController in my project.

pulse00 commented Apr 8, 2012

@mhlavac yeah, this is still not completed correctly. the reason is because i need to pass in some PDT sourcemodule to the completion engine. Currently you'll need a controller in the first level of the view path to make the completion show up.

i'll see how i can make this more flexible.

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