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Symfony eclipse plugin.
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Symfony Eclipse Plugin

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For a full list of features see


Stable version

  • Eclipse >= 3.7.2 (aka Indigo SR2)

Development Version



You can choose between the stable and the nightly build. Stable version is released in sync with PDT (next scheduled release is 3.2, afaik somewhere around June 2013).

The nightly updatesite is build once a day automatically and published if all tests succeed. I'm using the nightly version myself for my production projects, so you can be quite certain that no major bugs make it into the nightly updatesite ;)

If you want to use the nightly build, make sure to also add the PDT nightly updatesite:!

Stable Updatesite

Nightly build

The nightly build is provided by the PDT Extension group mirror:

Note: To use the nightly builds, you will also need to use the PDT and DLTK nightly updatesites (use the following links and add them to your available updatesites):


See the contributors section.

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