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= google_docs_plugin
-Description goes here
+# Overview
+This is a simple redmine plugin which lets users link google docs to issues, using a custom field named "Google Doc".
+When editing issues, this field provides autocompletion of the users google docs. When the issue
+is shown, it displays a link to the corresponding document.
+# Installation
+1. Clone the plugin into the redmine plugin directory
+ cd /path/to/redmine/vendor/plugins
+ git clone
+2. Run the plugin:migrate task to update the database
+ rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production
+3. Restart redmine
+# Usage
+The db:migrate_plugins task creates a new custom field named "Google Docs". To make use of the this field, edit
+the field in admin area (Administration -> Custom Fields). Once there, you need to configure which issue
+trackers show this field.
+The second step is to connect your redmine account to your google docs account:
+1. Browse to the "My account" page
+2. Enter the email address of the google docs account you want to connect
+3. If your team uses google apps, provide the domain of your app (
+4. Save the changes
+5. Click the "Connect" link below the "App domain" field
+6. This will open the google account page, which asks you to grant access to the redmine app.
+7. Click "Grant access"
+8. You will be redirected you your "My account" page of redmine, and should get a confirmation that your account has been connected
+After this initial setup, you can edit the "Google Doc" field in issues and select from your documents in the autocompletion.
2 init.rb
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author 'Robert Gründler'
description 'This is a google docs plugin for Redmine'
version '0.0.1'
- url ''
+ url ''
author_url ''

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