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The plugin is currently only compatible with redmine version < 2. I'm working on migrating it to redmine 2 in the branch `redmine-2`. Any help in this process would be greatly appreciated…


This is a simple redmine plugin which lets users link google docs to issues, using a custom field named “Google Doc”. When editing issues, this field provides autocompletion of the users google docs. When the issue is shown, it displays a link to the corresponding document.



  • Install the required gdata gem

    gem install gdata

Obtain the source

You have 2 choices to get the plugin:

  1. Cloning the repository via git. This requires git to be installed on the server your redmine installation is hosted. Retrieving updates will be easier this way.

    cd /path/to/redmine/vendor/plugins
    git clone git://
  2. Downloading the plugin via the download link above.

    cd /path/to/redmine/vendor/plugins
    tar -xf redmine_google_docs_plugin-vX.X.X.tar.gz redmine_google_docs_plugin

Install the plugin

  • Run the plugin:migrate task to update the database (from redmines root directory)

    rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production
  • Restart redmine


The db:migrate_plugins task creates a new custom field named “Google Docs”. To make use of the this field, edit the field in admin area (Administration -> Custom Fields). Once there, you need to configure which issue trackers show this field.

The second step is to connect your redmine account to your google docs account:

  1. Browse to the “My account” page

  2. Enter the email address of the google docs account you want to connect

  3. If your team uses google apps, provide the domain of your app (

  4. Save the changes

  5. Click the “Connect” link below the “App domain” field

  6. This will open the google account page, which asks you to grant access to the redmine app.

  7. Click “Grant access”

  8. You will be redirected back to your redmint account page and should see a confirmation that your account has been connected

  9. Enable to custom field “google docs” in the admin area of redmine for the trackers which should use this field

After this initial setup, you can edit the “Google Doc” field in issues and choose your documents via autocompletion.


I'd wish to thank the following persons for contributing to this plugin :

  • Iacopo Spalletti