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Symfony/chaplin.js single page app

This is a demo for a single page application implemented with Symfony as the REST backend and chaplin.js as the frontend.

This setup adds the following bundles to the standard-edition of Symfony:

The purpose of this app is to demonstrate the following concepts:

  • Providing a REST backend for a backbone.js / chaplin frontend
  • Securing the REST backend using oauth2 2-legged authentication
  • Reusing Symfony routes for the chaplin router to make full use of Symfonys environment concepts [prod/dev/etc]
  • Reusing serverside rendered markup from 3rd party bundles (e.g. FOSUserBundle login-form)
  • Provide SEO metadata for the initial page markup for public facing websites


  • curl -s | php && ./composer.phar install
  • php app/console doctrine:database:create
  • php app/console doctrine:schema:create
  • php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load
  • Create a virtualhost http://bookstore.local pointing the DocRoot to the web folder
  • Access http://bookstore.local.
  • Login with user chaplin password symfony


This demo comes with a vagrant/docker configuration which has everything pre-installed inside the vagrant directory.

If you have vagrant installed, simply run vagrant up and ssh into the box using vagrant ssh.

The application will be exposed on http://localhost:8888/app_dev.php.

From there you can obtain php / node shells through docker containers:



pulse00/nginx-php will run an nginx server with a php-fpm backend providing the environment for the symfony app.

pulse00/chaplinjs will run the brunch -w command after starting up vagrant.

PHP shell

sudo docker run -i -t -rm -link mysql:mysql -v /vagrant:/var/www -w /var/www -entrypoint='bash' pulse00/nginx-php -c 'bash'

Brunch shell

sudo docker run -i -t -rm -v /vagrant/client:/var/www -w /var/www -entrypoint='bash' pulse00/chaplinjs -c 'bash'