Pulseaudio LADSPA Equalizer
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A LADSPA based multiband equalizer approach for getting better sound out of pulseaudio. This equalizer clearly is more potent than the (deprecated ?), optional one from Pulseaudio.

Equalizer Preview

(this screenshot was taken with the materia theme enabled, it might look different on your system)


Build & Install

meson build
cd build
(sudo) ninja install

Meson options

Meson options can be set during initial configuration e.g. meson build -Doptionname=value or within the build folder with meson configure -Doptionname=value.

Per default the build system will use the same python installation as meson does. Set this if you want to use a specific version or binary. See http://mesonbuild.com/Python-module.html#find_installation for valid names or paths.
Meson defaults to install python modules to the purelib folder but some distributions e.g. Debian and derivatives do not set it correctly. In that case it needs to be manually set to the correct path relative to the prefix e.g. -Dpurelib=lib/python3.6/dist-packages for Ubuntu 18.10

Original Sources

Original Project: https://code.launchpad.net/~psyke83/+junk/pulseaudio-equalizer

Some of the presets: https://github.com/jjo/config/tree/master/.pulse