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Deploys a Dockerized Rails app to Kubernetes on Google, using GitHub Actions and Pulumi
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Ruby on Rails App with GitHub Actions and Pulumi ⚡️

A simple Ruby on Rails App, deployed to Kubernetes using GitHub Actions and Pulumi! ☁️

This leverages Pulumi's GitHub Actions support for deploying any cloud application and infrastructure to your cloud of choice. In this particular example, we're deploying to Google Cloud Platform, but it supports AWS, Azure, and even on-premises too. Read more on's GitHub Actions Getting Started page.


This architecture includes the following major components

Running the Example

To use this, simply perform these steps:

  1. Make a copy of this repo (while GitHub Actions are in private beta, it must be private).
  2. Register for Pulumi, and download the CLI.
  3. Run pulumi stack init to create a new stack which we'll deploy into, and then configure it.
  4. Configure your PULUMI_ACCESS_TOKEN and GOOGLE_CREDENTIALS, per the instructions over on

Commit or open a PR, and watch GitHub Actions plus Pulumi work its magic!

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