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// Copyright 2016-2018, Pulumi Corporation. All rights reserved.
import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi";
export interface StorageStaticWebsiteArgs {
accountName: pulumi.Input<string>;
const accountNameProp = "accountName";
// There's currently no way to enable the Static Web Site feature of a storage account via ARM
// Therefore, we created a custom provider which wraps corresponding Azure CLI commands
class StorageStaticWebsiteProvider implements pulumi.dynamic.ResourceProvider {
public async check(olds: any, news: any): Promise<pulumi.dynamic.CheckResult> {
const failures = [];
if (news[accountNameProp] === undefined) {
failures.push({property: accountNameProp, reason: `required property '${accountNameProp}' missing`});
return { inputs: news, failures };
public async diff(id: pulumi.ID, olds: any, news: any): Promise<pulumi.dynamic.DiffResult> {
const replaces = [];
if (olds[accountNameProp] !== news[accountNameProp]) {
return { replaces };
public async create(inputs: any): Promise<pulumi.dynamic.CreateResult> {
const { execSync } = require("child_process");
const url = require('url');
const accountName = inputs[accountNameProp];
// Helper function to execute a command, supress the warnings from polluting the output, and parse the result as JSON
const executeToJson = (command: string) => JSON.parse(execSync(command, { stdio: ["pipe", "pipe", "ignore"] }).toString());
// Install Azure CLI extension for storage (currently, only the preview version has the one we need)
execSync("az extension add --name storage-preview", { stdio: "ignore" });
// Update the service properties of the storage account to enable static website and validate the result
const update = executeToJson(`az storage blob service-properties update --account-name "${accountName}" --static-website --404-document 404.html --index-document index.html`);
if (!update.staticWebsite.enabled) {
throw new Error(`Static website update failed: ${update}`);
// Extract the web endpoint and the hostname from the storage account
const endpoint = executeToJson(`az storage account show -n "${accountName}" --query "primaryEndpoints.web"`);
const hostName = url.parse(endpoint).hostname;
// Files for static websites should be stored in a special built-in container called '$web', see
const webContainerName = "$web";
return {
id: `${accountName}StaticWebsite`,
outs: { endpoint, hostName, webContainerName }
export class StorageStaticWebsite extends pulumi.dynamic.Resource {
public readonly endpoint: pulumi.Output<string>;
public readonly hostName: pulumi.Output<string>;
public readonly webContainerName: pulumi.Output<string>;
constructor(name: string, args: StorageStaticWebsiteArgs, opts?: pulumi.CustomResourceOptions) {
super(new StorageStaticWebsiteProvider(), name, { ...args, endpoint: undefined, hostName: undefined, webContainerName: undefined }, opts);
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