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Easy serverless programming for AWS
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Pulumi Amazon Web Services (AWS) Serverless Components

This package has been deprecated. All functionality previously contained in it has moved to the @pulumi/aws package.

While the same functionality can be achieved using @pulumi/aws, moving existing code to use that library is not a straight source translation. Specifically, while usage @pulumi/aws-serverless APIs would result in code like:

const bucket = aws.s3.Bucket.get("my-bucket");
serverless.bucket.onObjectCreated("test", bucket, async (event) => {
    // Lambda's code goes here...

The expected usage of @pulumi/aws would be:

const bucket = aws.s3.Bucket.get("my-bucket");
bucket.onObjectCreated("test", async (event) => {
    // Lambda's code goes here...

In other words, serverless-eventing functionality moved from being global static helpers, to being instance methods on the specific aws resource types.

@pulumi/aws-serverless is still available, but just shims down to @pulumi/aws. It will not receive any more updates, and it may be removed at some point in the future.

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