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Epsagon integration with Pulumi
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Pulumi Epsagon integration

This package provides Epsagon integration with Pulumi programs. When imported into a Pulumi program, any serverless functions generated from JavaScript callbacks in the Pulumi program will automatically be wrapped with Epsagon Lambda Wrapper.

const aws = require("@pulumi/aws");
const pulumi = require("@pulumi/pulumi");

// Load the Pulumi Epsagon integration package
const epsagon = require("@pulumi/epsagon");
epsagon.install(pulumi, { appName: "my-example" });

// Create a bucket and a function to log new object uploads
const bucket = new aws.s3.Bucket("my-bucket");
bucket.onObjectCreated("onNewObject", async (ev) => console.log(ev));
exports.bucketName = bucket.bucket;


After importing @pulumi/epsagon into a Pulumi program, you will need to provide an Epsagon token via a Pulumi configuration secret. You can get your token on the "Install" page of the Epsagon console for your project.

$ pulumi config set --secret epsagon:token <your token here>
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