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A bridge enabling Pulumi CrossGuard to run OPA rules
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Pulumi Open Policy Agent (OPA) Bridge for CrossGuard

This project allows Open Policy Agent (OPA) rules to be run in the context of Pulumi's policy system, CrossGuard.

How it works

Pulumi can enforce policies during a deployment. This includes during a "preview" -- before a deployment is attempted -- in addition to afterwards -- when certain other properties are known.

The OPA integration implements the Pulumi plugin interface for policies. Unlike Pulumi's standard approach to implementing policy rules using an SDK in a general purpose language this bridge lets you leverage any existing OPA rule within the overall Pulumi CrossGuard system.

How to build and distribute

The binary this repo builds is not intended to be run directly. It produces a plugin named pulumi-policy-opa which, when packaged with a set of OPA rules in the rules/ directory, can be loaded by the Pulumi plugin system.

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