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Upgrading from 0.1.x to 1.0.x

In 1.0.0-beta.1 the Store class can now be used as a state machine as well, therefore StateMachine class has been deprecated and will be removed in one of the following beta releases, before stable 1.0.0.

Following are the guidelines which should help upgrading from 0.1.x versions.

Replace StateMachine with Store

Use regular StoreBuilder instead of StateMachineBuilder to create an instance of Store class.


The MachineReducer typedef is deprecated. Reducers need to be updated to use regular Reducer signature. Usage of ActionDispatcher argument can be replaced by the new method:

/// Before:
MyState oldMachineReducer(MyState state, Action<void> action,
  ActionDispatcher dispatcher) {
  return state.copyWith(someField: 'value');

/// After
MyState oldMachineReducer(MyState state, Action<void> action) {
  /// Instruct state store to dispatch `doFoo` action and pass `newState`
  /// as an input.
  final newState = state.copyWith(someField: 'value');
  return, Actions.doFoo());

Action builders

Any ActionBuilder<Null> or ActionBuilder<void> declaration needs to be replaced with new VoidActionBuilder since ActionBuilder has been updated to require non-empty payload. This was changed to allow better static analysis.

abstract class Actions {
  /// Before:
  static const push = const ActionBuilder<Null>('push');
  /// After:
  static const push = const VoidActionBuilder('push');

Error handling

Subscribe to new Store.errors stream to report any unhandled errors. If there is no active listener on that stream all errors are rethrown synchronously by Store.dispatch().

Remaining issues?

Feel free to submit an issue here.

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