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@nateberkopec nateberkopec released this Sep 23, 2019 · 330 commits to master since this release

  • 6 features
    • Pumactl has a new -e environment option and reads config/puma/.rb config files (#1885)
    • Semicolons are now allowed in URL paths (MRI only), useful for Angular or Redmine (#1934)
    • Allow extra dependencies to be defined when using prune_bundler (#1105)
    • Puma now reports the correct port when binding to port 0, also reports other listeners when binding to localhost (#1786)
    • Sending SIGINFO to any Puma worker now prints currently active threads and their backtraces (#1320)
    • Puma threads all now have their name set on Ruby 2.3+ (#1968)
  • 4 bugfixes
    • Fix some misbehavior with phased restart and externally SIGTERMed workers (#1908, #1952)
    • Fix socket closing on error (#1941)
    • Removed unnecessary SIGINT trap for JRuby that caused some race conditions (#1961)
    • Fix socket files being left around after process stopped (#1970)
  • Absolutely thousands of lines of test improvements and fixes thanks to @MSP-Greg


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