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app Add reload_worker_directory
accept_nonblock.rb Vastly improve IO perf on 1.9.3
binder.rb Avoid the deprecated
capistrano.rb fallback from phased restart to start when not started
cli.rb refactor configuration
client.rb Be sure to unlink tempfiles after a request. Fixes #690
cluster.rb Add `on_worker_fork` hook, which allows to mimic Unicorn's behavior:
compat.rb Fix String#byteslice for Ruby 1.9.1, 1.9.2
configuration.rb Coerce the key to a string before checking. (thar be symbols). Fixes #…
const.rb Bump to 2.11.2
control_cli.rb Add reload_worker_directory
daemon_ext.rb Keep STDOUT/STDERR the right mode. Fixes #422
delegation.rb Standardize "block" usage
detect.rb Cleanup the JRuby specific fix
dsl.rb Fix the Config constants not being available in the DSL. Fixes #683
events.rb Do not reset cli events when in cluster mode
io_buffer.rb Conditionalize the jruby IOBuffer
java_io_buffer.rb Conditionalize the jruby IOBuffer
jruby_restart.rb Keep jruby daemon mode from retrying on a hot restart
minissl.rb JRuby SSL POODLE update
null_io.rb Remove StringIO dependency from NullIO
rack_default.rb Default Rack handler helper
rack_patch.rb Improve the logging output when hijack is used. Fixes #332
reactor.rb only send 408 if in the data phase.
runner.rb better error logging during startup
server.rb Be sure to unlink tempfiles after a request. Fixes #690
single.rb redirect io right after daemonizing so startup errors are shown. Fixes
tcp_logger.rb Add experimental tcp mode (aka lopez express mode)
thread_pool.rb Oops! These changes should not have been committed to the pull request.
util.rb Add missing file
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