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Proof of Concept for PumaPay | V1.0.0-alpha

See our Blog for more details


The Alpha version of the PumaPay SDK is now available for developers' use free of charge. Built around the features of the ERC20 token, this initial version of the PumaPay solution is an open-source protocol that flexibly integrates with any kind of merchant platform. This allows developers to either clone the entire project or use only parts of it directly into their platform or edit it as it may suit the merchant's needs. While this only facilitates a crypto-typical push action, the full-scale Pull protocol will come with a future version of this software.

Pumapay Payment Sequence Diagram

alt text



Get started with Node

  1. Clone this repo
$ git clone https://github.com/pumapayio/puma-poc.git
  1. Change to project directory
$ cd puma-poc
  1. Install the required packages
# from root
$ cd ./server
$ npm install

$ cd ./client
$ npm install
  1. In Order to access the data you need a running instance of Postgres

  2. Start client - from client ng serve

  3. Start server - from server npm start

Get started with Docker

  1. Clone this repo
$ git clone https://github.com/pumapayio/puma-poc.git
  1. Change to project directory
$ cd puma-poc
  1. Build the docker containers
$ docker-compose build
  1. Start the application
$ docker-compose up -d
 # to check the logs -- $ docker-compose logs -f

Configure Docker Windows

You need to share your C drive with docker. Go to Docker > Settings > Shared Drives > Select C > Apply - You will be asked to fill in your credentials. In case this doesn't work, follow this guide. Firewall needs to be paused in order for this to work properly.


  • PoC Webpage : http://localhost:4200
  • Server: http://localhost:8080
  • DB:
    • PGHOST=postgres
    • PGUSER=local_user
    • PGPASSWORD=local_pass
    • PGDATABASE=local_puma_poc
    • PGPORT=http://localhost:5435 -- port specified in docker-compose.yml

Clean up local development environment

$ docker-compose down
## OR
$ docker ps # list running containers
$ docker ps -a # list all containers
# check the COINTAINER_ID from list obtained in previous command
$ docker rm <CONTAINER_ID> # remove the container with ID
$ docker rm <CONTAINER_ID> -f # force remove the container with ID

Run Tests

To run the test you need to deploy the application locally - See Local Deployment Testing Suite:

Run all tests

To run all the tests

$ npm test

E2E Testing

To run the E2E tests

$ cd server
$ npm run test-e2e

Unit Testing

To run all the Unit tests

$ cd server
$ npm run test-unit

Run individual test

$ cd server
$ mocha -r ts-node/register path/to/test

Docker Useful Links

You can find some more info about docker here and here

API Documentation

To see the specification of the APIs import swagger.yml at the online swagger editor

Code of Conduct

In order to have a more open and welcoming community, PumaPay adheres to a code of conduct adapted from W3C’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct with some additions from the Cloud Foundry's Code of Conduct.

Please adhere to this code of conduct in any interactions you have in the PumaPay community. It is strictly enforced on all official PumaPay repositories, websites, and resources. If you encounter someone violating these terms, please let one of our core team members know and we will address it as soon as possible.


Docker containers failed to start

In case of the error below when starting the docker containers, you should quit docker from the taskbar and start it again

ERROR: for puma_pp_poc_dev_1  Cannot start service poc_io_dev: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint puma_pp_poc_dev_1

Docker Shared Volumes - Not working as expected

In case of the error below when starting the docker containers, you should go to Docker Settings from the taskbar > Shared Drives > UnShare and Share the C drive for this to work. Keep in mind that your firewall should be disabled during this process.

 psql:/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/20-create-poc-tables.sql:0: could not read from input file: Is a directory


This software is under the MIT License. See the full LICENCE file.