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Pumlhorse Sample Test Suite

This is a sample test suite written in Pumlhorse. It has a set of integration tests to run against the (trivial) Recipe API.

The recipe API is hosted on GoMix and is written in ExpressJs. The source code for the API is available on GitHub. Recipes are stored based on API key (i.e. you only access the values that were added with the given API key). They will also timeout after 10 minutes.

Tested endpoints

  • GET /recipes - Lists all recipes
  • GET /recipes/:recipeId - Gets the recipe with the given ID (returns 404 if it doesn't exist)
  • POST /recipes - Adds a new recipe (schema below)
  • PUT /recipes/:recipeId - Updates an existing recipe (returns 404 if it doesn't exist)
  • DELETE /recipes/:recipeId - Deletes a recipe (returns 404 if it doesn't exist)

Recipe schema

    "id": <string - UUID>,
    "name": <string>,
    "description": <string>,
    "author": <string>,
    "rating": <integer from 1 to 5>

Authorization header

All calls must provide an Authorization header. The header value should be a unique value. For example: Authorization: 82df6064-9ffc-434c-9100-e940a6c58197

The recipeHelpers.js module contains a function getApiKey that will auto generate a unique ID.


In addition to the integration tests, there is a tools folder. The dumpCache.puml script prints out all the stored data.