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Being able to apply filters to the stream which allow you to filter to only certain languages (e.g. if you speak english and german it's silly to see things in french as you can't understand them). It would be awesome for you to be able to specify what language you're posting in (from a subset of languages you know) so then people will only see what languages they also know.

(the subset of languages could be another param on the post API e.g.

    "verb": "post",
    "object": {
        "id": "https://my.pump.instance/api/user/name/feed",
        "content": "This is in english!",
        "objectType": "note",

Also a drop down box on the UI listing the languages you say you know (dependent on #415)


Declaring a language should not be mandatory, although it would be considered good netiquette to do so and should be encouraged during the sign-up process.

If the language of a post is not declared, the user should have the option of showing or hiding posts with undeclared languages. This re-inforces the netiquette element as users with undeclared languages may not reach all potential users who are filtering based on this.

If a post is filtered based on language or otherwise, the fact there were are hidden posts should be stated in the UI.


So, I don't really understand this question.

If you don't speak French, why would you follow people who post in French?


A lot of French speakers also speak English, they will post in both languages, I do not speak French so I want to filter out their French posts.

If/when groups or public streams are implemented, this feature will become most useful, posts to groups may be in any language. This feature allows groups to the multilingual and reduce the burden on moderation.

If/when search is implemented, I may search using technical terms or nouns that may be present in any language context, I can opt to only see results in languages I can understand.

Posts in languages you do not understand are noise, this feature provides the tools to reduce noice.


I'll see what I can do. It feels like a lot of knobs and levers added to the UI to try to solve technically what feels like a problem that can be solved socially.


But I think adding a language tag to user-created notes is a good idea.


I can't be sure on how prevalent multi-lingual conversations are, but it doesn't seem like a serious problem to me. In various other places I participate in discussions where many languages are involved, and they can branch off into threads that I can read.

Evan, I think this would be solved socially as well, and I think that it is non-standard to set one's language to segregate languages from each other in social networks. When you say language tag, do you mean a flag set on a person's account that is added as meta-data to their notes, or just adding it to the normal tag soup taxonomy thing? I tag things as other languages all the time, when I post in English.

I would check the interface, but test instance I use is slow at the moment.


Posts in languages you do not understand are noise, this feature provides the tools to reduce noice.

Not necessarily. I follow many people who post only occasionally in English (or other languages I understand), and also (often more frequently) in languages I do not understand. I enjoy seeing those, I enjoy the varietly and multilingual aspect of

If people want a filter I can unerstand that, but personally I would never use one: If I follow someone I want to see all of it!

There is also the aspect of multilingual conversations - if you filter only one language, the conversation would no longer make sense and its structure would be broken. And then there are multilingual dents!

I would also object to having to set a language code in my profile - I want the freedom to post in whatever language I know (or am practicing with!). If people have a problem with that they should just not follow me. So, if there would be a profile field for language, it should be optional.


I believe an extension to the "post" object specifying language would be useful. I'd like to see it expressed as a profile-wide preference, with the ability for a post-specific override, both completely optional (at which point the language property would be omitted). I'm not convinced that using this information for search would be useful, but I like the general idea of structured classification.

You can probably guess why I specifically would be interested in such a feature. :)


rfinnie, no I actually cannot guess why you'd want such a feature! I honestly have no idea.

How would one treat multilingual posts? Can we use proper HTML markup to define language? What about people who regularly post in different languages? (I've posted in English, Dutch and German - at least).
Make a per-user setting required, and you end up with mis-configured posts - even a single word in another language and it would be wrong.
Make it optional, and you end up with unconfigured posts from the multilingual among us.
What, exactly, would you gain?



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