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evanp commented Mar 28, 2013

Since most of our initial users are coming from StatusNet sites, it'd be nice to have an easy way to connect to your friends from there on is an attempt; keep an eye on it.

sqastar commented Apr 5, 2013

I tested pump2status with my identica account. Worked pretty much as I expected. I disconnected the connection at after realizing it was auto following. But it is still auto following new pumpio users. I would like the option to choose on pumpio side who to follow. If someone opens a pumpio with an existing identica nick who is not THE actual Identica user I know, I am auto subbed? Option to not auto sub, or option on how to deregister from pump2status.

clacke commented Apr 5, 2013

It autofollows people who have like you registered at pump2status and connected their pump and their StatusNet.

clacke commented Apr 5, 2013

To deregister, see e14n#543 .

sqastar commented Apr 6, 2013

As stated above, I DID disconnect my pump2status via identica (SN) account after testing the feature. I still received pumpio auto follow AFTER disconnecting it at connections link. . @clacke

evanp referenced this issue in e14n/pump2status Apr 8, 2013


Opt-out for automatic follow #2


evanp commented Apr 8, 2013

I've logged the auto-follow option on e14n/pump2status#2 and I'm closing this one.

evanp closed this Apr 8, 2013

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