Notifications would be handy in web UI #552

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It would make things a lot easier to navigate/keep track of if there was some sort of notification for when another user interacts with one of my notes/pictures, or otherwise interacts with something I have interacted with previously.

currently I do a lot of refreshing and scanning the "Meanwhile..." column and my activities.


That's what the "notifications" button on the nav bar is for.


ok you're right, I didn't really catch that for some reason. In that case, right now it says

(user) posted (something) in note

It would be more useful I think if "note" were also linked to the parent (ie. #544 )


Maybe we need a title="Messages" & title="Notifications" added to those buttons.


that would help, but it is kind of easy to figure out by clicking on them.

I think the lack of context just had me mixed up--I was thinking it was a mirror of the sidebar w/o the OFG stuff for some reason.


Are the notifications supposed to be in sync? It looks like they are not updated as often as the meanwhile column.



Yes, they're supposed to be in sync.

However, they only have stuff that's related to you. If someone you follow responds to someone else, that will show up in "Meanwhile" but not "Notifications".


I'll close this since that seems to do what the original issue was about

@jfrobbins jfrobbins closed this Apr 27, 2013
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