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These are some client applications and services that support

See also: Libraries



  • Dianara - a Qt desktop app
  • Pumpa - another Qt client under development
    • How to for building Pumpa on OS X.
  • Pumpio-el - Pumpio client for Emacs
  • spigot - Console client for rate-limited feed aggregation. Implemented in Python via pypump.
  • PumpTweet - Find notes from your pump account, shorten them, make a URL to the original note, and post the short version as a tweet on Twitter. It can also be used for GNU Social (StatusNet).
  • PumpMigrate - Move or sync contacts between accounts
  • Choqok - KDE micro-blogging client
  • GPump - A GTK+ client.
  • p - A version of the command line utility t.
  • NavierStokes - Allows you to bridge between social network accounts.
  • Manivela - command line client written in PHP. Documentation in Spanish. Source code in



  • Social Monkeys - An intuitive iOS client to manage your social activity stream.
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