HowTo for building Pumpa on OS X

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If you'd like to build Pumpa for yourself on OS X, just follow these steps

  • Install Homebrew, it's basically one command you have to paste into This will take a while, so go and grab a coffee.
  • To build Pumpa, you need QT, QJson, GNU Aspell and Tidy. Those are installed via Homebrew if you enter brew install qt qjson aspell homebrew/dupes/tidy in Finish your coffee, this will take a (shorter) while.
  • According to Stephen Sekula, one needs to set an environment variable for a successful build. Add export LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/ to your .bashrc-file. Then restart
  • After you re-open, cd to the directory where you want to save the pumpa source code.
  • Clone the Pumpa repository with git clone git:// pumpa
  • Enter cd pumpa;qmake;make;open . to build Pumpa from source and to open the directory in
  • Should pumpa fail to build with an error about something gone amiss with TidyBuffer, you can disable tidy (you'll loose the ability to post raw HTML) with qmake CONFIG+=notidy and build again with make.
  • You should now have a in the directory of your choice. Move this app to ~/Applications and have fun as specified below.

Start, then you'll be asked to input your Pumpa account entry

The app should then forward you to your instance. Pumpa authorization 1 Pumpa authorization 2

Copy both the Token and the Verifier (two long random looking strings) on the next page to your pumps-window and pump away.

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