Node.js version support

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The project follows the upstream Node.js support schedule, and will support any Node.js release considered to be either "current", an "active LTS", or in "maintenance" by upstream. Support for any other Node.js version will be supported on a best-effort basis.

Some more notes:

  • We will try to announce the deprecation of particular Node.js versions at least a release in advance.
  • Releases that completely drop support for any Node.js version will always be marked as semver-major.
  • We reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy for technical reasons, but any such decision will be communicated far enough in advance for folks to plan for it.

If the version of Node.js shipped by your distribution of choice is too old, you could consider using NodeSource's binary packages. You could also use a Docker image if your host is Docker-capable.

Running on any JavaScript engine other than V8 is unsupported.

Questions can be directed to the community.

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