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Once you've got an account on OpenShift Online, and are logged in with the rhc CLI tool locally, then deploying is a one-liner.

  • Sign up for an account with OpenShift
  • Install the OpenShift Client Tools and run rhc setupto configure them.
  • Create a new Openshift app from the CLI tool by running:

rhc app create <mypump> nodejs-0.10 mongodb-2.4 --from-code=

  • Replace with whatever you would like your app to be called. The URL to your app will be http://<mypump>-<myOpenshiftDomain> (of course you may also point a custom domain name at that).

Known issues

  • Websockets don't work over 80/443. They apparently do work over 8000/8443, but it might be an easier quick fix in to make sockjs configurable to set websockets on or off, rather than trying to work with different port configurations.