Running from git master

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This page documents how to run from Git master, as opposed to the stable/beta versions published to the npm registry.


Unlike the versions published to the registry, npm 5 or better is required to install from git master. The installation will detect if you have an outdated npm and abort until you upgrade.

See commit 90e0d3 for the gory details.


Installation is super easy if you have an npm-based install (recommended). Run:

$ [sudo] npm install -g pump-io/

This will work even if you already have the npm version installed.

If you have a source-based install (i.e. you cloned via git and ran npm install), you can do:

$ git checkout master # Only needed the first time
$ git pull
$ npm install

Considerations's git master is, generally-speaking, suitable for daily use. A fair amount of effort is put into making sure that this remains the case, and that things aren't merged to master unless they're stable and ready.

That being said, running from git master is not for the faint of heart. At the very least, you should have a basic understanding of how npm works (e.g. how npm resolves dependencies and how those dependencies are organized on the filesystem), how to read Node.js stack traces, and be willing and able to file good bug reports, because things will break from time to time.


  • Follow one of the community accounts (in particular, large new features or refactorings will be announced on these to help you be better prepared for bugs)
  • Run npm@latest
  • Make sure to regularly rerun [sudo] npm install -g pump-io/ to ensure you have the latest code (git master is stable enough that you can probably put this in a cronjob - just make sure to watch community accounts for upcoming semver-major breaking changes)
  • Don't forget to restart your daemon after upgrading via npm
  • Glance through the logs once and a while for errors (or even better, practice artificial ignorance)
  • File any and all bugs you encounter (but search for duplicates first!)
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