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// SAPIReport.h
// Sensis SAPI
// Created by Mark Aufflick on 22/03/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Pumptheory Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.
#import "SAPIEndpoint.h"
#import "SAPIReportResult.h"
@interface SAPIReport : SAPIEndpoint
// See also the endpoint reference for more detail:
@property (copy) NSString * eventName; // required: one of Name column in
@property (copy) NSString * userIp; // required: IP address of user accessing your application
@property (copy) NSArray * reportingIdArray; // required: array of strings of reportingId of listing associated with event
@property (copy) NSString * userAgent; // User agent of user accessing your application
@property (copy) NSString * userSessionId; // desirable: Session id of user accessing your application
@property (copy) NSString * content; // required in some cases - see
- (SAPIReportResult *)performQueryWithError:(SAPIError **)error;
- (void)performQueryAsyncSuccess:(void (^)(SAPIReportResult * result))successBlock
failure:(void (^)(SAPIError * error))failureBlock;
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