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// SAPISearchResult.h
// Sensis SAPI
// Created by Mark Aufflick on 22/03/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Pumptheory Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.
#import "SAPIResult.h"
@interface SAPISearchResult : SAPIResult
@property (retain) NSArray * results; // This is currently an array of NSDictionaries.
// In the future it will become an array of custom objects (which will respond to "objectForKey:" to maintain compatibility)
// See for the structure of this dictionary
@property NSUInteger count;
@property NSUInteger totalResults;
@property NSUInteger currentPage;
@property NSUInteger totalPages;
@property (retain) NSString * executedQuery;
@property (retain) NSString * originalQuery;
@property (retain) NSDate * date;
// also time, code and possibly details -- defined in the baseclass SAPIResult
// the code value is interesting for searches to see if spell checking was applied. See SAPIResult.h