Site script editor for SharePoint
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Site Script Editor for SharePoint (site-script-editor)

This is a beta version from a site script editor for SharePoint. It's purpose is to help creating site scripts.

This is built as a React component, use it like this:

const siteScriptContainer = {
    title: "My Site Script",
    id: "mySiteScript",
    siteScript: {
        "$schema": "schema.json",
        "actions": [
            "verb": "addPrincipalToSPGroup",
            "principal": "CompanyAdmin",
            "group": "Owners"
        "bindata": {},
        "version": 1
<SiteScriptEditor siteScriptContainer={siteScriptContainer}/>

Site Script Editor is available online at (courtesy of Help texts are from Microsoft docs

Created by Mikko Punamäki